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If you are planning to live and work in Italy it is important not to underestimate the cost of living, which has increased considerably in the last decade. Italy is a relatively expensive country by North American standards, and it is one of the most expensive countries in the European Union. That said there is a huge disparity between the cost and standard of living in the prosperous north and central regions of Italy, and the relatively poor south.

Below are some approximate minimum monthly major expenses for an average single person living in Italy. Price estimates are given in Euros.

Housing - 410
Food – 180
Utilities – 55
Leisure – 110
Transport – 110
Insurance – 55
Clothing - 55

It is difficult to calculate an average cost of living in Italy, as it depends on your circumstances and lifestyle. It’s possible to live frugally in Italy if you are willing to forego luxuries and live modestly.

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