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Map of ChinaChina is a land of ancient culture and modern progress, old ways and hip new styles, the proverbial yin and yang of contemporary Chinese life. This is a place where you’ll see fields still ploughed by oxen; although, look a little closer and you’ll see the farmer chatting on his mobile phone as he works. Executives in Armani suits dash between high-powered business meetings yet spend their holidays with Nai Nai (grandma) at her village home where she keeps ducks, grows plum trees, and cooks spicy tofu in her kitchen wok over an open fire.

China is a challenging land that is changing unbelievably fast. The poor have next to nothing and the rich can have it all, yet both find their incomes rising every year. Futuristic skyscrapers tower over colourful old Buddhist temples, and bullet trains race past donkeys pulling their carts to market. China’s growing economy is taking the world by storm and serving notice that this giant nation that seemed so backward just a few years ago is now a major player in the global economy. China's emergence is being recognized on several levels; educators are hailing Chinese as the language that most needs to be taught to prepare our kids for the truth of their global future. Individuals and businesses from every corner of the globe are coming here in an effort to ride the economic wave of growing prosperity.


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