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TEFL Teacher Traning Certificate Program

TEFL Program Structure

Special Interest Workshops


TEFL Program Structure

Participants can complete the 60-hour program or a 100-hour program in the evenings or during the day. Courses are offered seminar-style with limited class sizes. Participants will complete Level I with 14 foundational lessons, Level II with 4 elective lessons selected from the indicated options, and Level III as the practicum component.

Level I : Language Teaching Foundations (42 hours)

  1. Introduction to Language Educational Theory
  2. Second Language Acquisition Theory
  3. Classroom Management Practices
  4. Curriculum and Syllabus Design
  5. Unit Plans, Lesson Plans and Teaching Materials
  6. Educational Technology
  7. Second Language Testing
  8. The Receptive Skills: Reading
  9. The Receptive Skills: Listening
  10. The Productive Skills: Writing
  11. The Productive Skills: Speaking
  12. The Sub-Skills: Grammar
  13. The Sub-Skills: Vocabulary
  14. The Sub-Skills: Pronunciation

Level II : Elective Modules (12 hours)

 Prerequisite: Level I or equivalent

Please select 4 of the following 6 options.

  1. Team Teaching
  2. Cross-Cultural Communication
  3. Using Songs, Games and Drama in EFL and ESL Classes
  4. Standardized Testing and Teaching Test Preparatory Courses
  5. Computer Assisted Language Learning and Teaching (CALL)
  6. Tips and Tools for Finding English Teaching Positions Overseas, Application Procedures and Contract Negotiation

Level III : Practicum (6 hours)

 Prerequisite: Level I and Level II

  1. Classroom Observation
  2. Practice Teaching
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